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Cost of Building a tennis court

The cost to build a tennis court varies according to numerous factors that influence price, getting a clear picture of the process should always be the first step. One factor in this variation is the cost of labor and materials in your area. However, you have some control over the following factors that can increase and decrease the tennis court cost:

Type of Court:

  •  The most common types of tennis courts include grass, clay, asphalt or post-tensioned concrete courts.
  • Grass courts cost less up front than hard courts because the prices of concrete, clay and asphalt increase the price of materials but they are actually one of the most challenging courts to maintain. They need almost daily care in order for players to experience the best possible play, which eliminates them as a realistic possibility for almost every tennis court owner. Their advantange is that they reduces stress on knees, fast playing surface and good surface for serve and volley players
  • Clay courts are made up of packed, crushed brick and are popular where the climate is naturally humid, preventing cracks in the clay and limiting the required maintenance. They have softer surface leading to fewer injuries, balls bounce high and slowly and makes the game slower. They need more maintenance than asphalt and concrete courts and requires extra maintenance in arid climates to prevent cracking as they need proper water balance.
  • Asphalt courts typically last for 20 years or longer, making them a durable option. They are also more affordable than post-tensioned concrete courts. However, asphalt can soften over time, which may lead to slight sinking in hot climates and potential injuries for players.
  • Concrete courts which are the most expensive to construct than all can last an incredibly long time, often 40 years or more. They are versatile enough to use for multiple sports but however it takes up to 30 days for the concrete to cure
  • In South Africa the the most common and affordable tennis courts are asphalt courts for asphalt is cheaper, has very low maintenance cost, durable and compatible with all climates, textured & Customizable for desired speed of play, aesthetically pleasing, cost effective & affordable.
  • Site Prep: Before installing a tennis court, the contractor must clear, excavate and drain the land. If the site requires extensive prep, such as removing trees, taking down existing structures or bringing in fill dirt, the price can increase. Similarly, the price can decrease if the site is already relatively flat and drains well.
  • Amenities: Lighting, landscaping, fencing, wind screens, backboards, shade and score-keeping equipment are convenient if you want the option to play at different times of day and weather conditions. Adding these features increases the cost of building a tennis court.
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